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Apple iPad Air Repaired at warehouse

Repaired at warehouse

(can take up to 10 days) $100
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    Repair Details:

    Did you recently drop, sit on, kick or step on your beloved iPhone?

    Now does it power on properly, but fail to display the image or is just to painful to look at now?

    Does your iPhone look the image to the left? This repair service is for the repair and replacement for:

    • LCD Replacement
    • Glass/Digitizer Replacement
    • Both Glass/Digitizer & LCD Replacement


    Frequent Repair Questions & Help

    Q. How much will my repair cost?

    The price includes all labor, glass/lcd/digitizer replacement, a standard one year warranty and free round trip UPS ground shipping.

    Q. Does this repair replace both my glass/digitizer and lcd display?

    The price include the replacement of both the glass/digitizer and lcd display. The iPhone is designed with a fully replaceable display.

    Q. I have important and private information stored on my iPhone, will it be deleted or looked at?

    All your data and information stored on your iPhone will still be there. Your iPhones memory is not erased and your iPhones data will be returned to you the same way it was received. Additionally, we offer a 100% data privacy guarantee.

    Section (A) Capabilities we must test: Front/Back Camera, Speakers, Proximity Sensor, Docking port, Wi-Fi, Home Button, Volume Buttons, Lock Buttons, and all touchscreen zones.

    In the event the iPhone is pass code protected, we do request that the code be provided in order to test the unit.

    Q. Do I receive my original iPhone back?

    Of course! Compared to sending your iPhone into the manufacture for repairs. This repair service you select guarantees you will receive your original iPhone back, we repair your original and have it shipped back to you within one business day.

    Q. I just finished my repair order online, what do I do now?

    Once completing an order online through our web site. You will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address you provided us. Simply print the free UPS ground shipping label we provided, package the unit up, and drop it off at a UPS shipping location. That is it!


  • Shipping Options (Inbound To Our Shop):

    With all of our repair services, you have two options to ship us your device. You may use your own shipping service to ship to our location. We accept packages from all carriers, UPS, FedEx, USPS and DHL.

    Secondly, you may purchase a UPS Prepaid shipping label via e-mail to print off and use.

    self-shippingOption one - Ship it your own way: Once completing your order online, continue to package yourdevice and take it to your most convenient shipping center. Ship to our repair center using UPS, FedEx, USPS, or DHL.
    fedex-prepaid-shippingOption two: Receive a UPS pre-paid label via e-mail: Select to (E-mail me a UPS Prepaid Shipping Label) our support team will e-mail your a printable pre-paidshipping label for you to use.

    Simply print and attach to your shipping container, and drop it off at your local shipping center.

    Labels are for domestic United States customers only! Not available in Hawaii, Alaska or US territories.

    Shipping Options (Outbound Back To You):

    With all of our repair services, if you unit is successfully repaired, Gophermods will cover return shipping. To receive free return shipping, select Free UPS Ground Return Shipping ( $100 Insurance) from the drop down menu. For domestic United States customers only! Not available in Hawaii, Alaska or US territories.

    If your unit is not repaired, or if the customer no longer wants the unit repaired. Gophermods does not cover return shipping. Customer is liable for return shipping fees.

    Packaging Help & Tips
    For more packaging help, please visit our Shipping Help page.
    Insurance Values on UPS Prepaid Shipping Labels

    All of our UPS Prepaid Shipping labels have increased insurance values. This insurance protects against damages, theft, lost or mishandled packages while in UPS care.

    All iPhones/Smartphones Insured Value: $400 - Free with Prepaid Label

    All iPods Insured Value: $200 - Free with Prepaid Label

    All Nintendo Wiis Insured Value: $150 - Free with Prepaid Label

    All PlayStation 3 Consoles Insured Value: $300 - Free with Prepaid Label

    All XBOX 360 Consoles Insured Value: $250 - Free with Prepaid Label

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